Artist Profile

Bottles of Hope Worksop

Medium: Polymer Clay on glass bottles

Description:  A little bottle, a bit of clay, a gift of hope

In 1999, Diane Gregoire, a cancer survivor and polymer clay artist, found a way to use her special talents as an artist to cheer up the lives of cancer patients going through the ordeal of chemotherapy. She used clay to decoratively cover small glass medicine bottles and gave them to other patients as a symbol of hope. Polymer Clay is a colorful and versatile man-made Clay that can be sculpted, textured, stamped and combined in a multitude of ways to produce unique designs in pieces of art. The workshop will be held a no cost, for individuals to create the Bottles of Hope. All supplies will be provided. The workshop is suitable for for experienced and non experienced individuals. The decorated bottles will be donated the Hartford HealthCare Cancer Institute at Hartford Hospital

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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