Artist Profile

Joyce Bragdon Studio

Medium: Abstract mixed-medium and resin

Description:  New "Save the Coral Reef" mixed media series

Joyce Bragdon Studio The Coral Reef Series is brought on by a documentary I watched last year. The images have stuck in my brain and have only recently drained out slowly through my new series. Acrylic fluid pours and resin made perfect sense. As much as I want to control everything I do, the fluidity takes on it own shapes. As the colors flow into and around each other, migrating as the strength of the ocean receives us with soft ebb tides or destructive crashing forces. Coral reefs are home to thousands of different organisms and species of fish, many of which are endangered themselves. Since each of these organisms plays its own important role in the ocean’s ecosystem, the loss of their home—the reefs—can have a seriously detrimental effect on the ocean overall. My voice is my artwork. SAVE THE CORAL REEFS Donate on the web or through the mail to: The Coral Reef Alliance The Reef-World Foundation Coral Cay Conservation SaveCoralReefs A percentage of my art sales is donated to these foundations Enjoy, buy and help!!! == Thanks, Joyce Bragdon JoyceBragdonStudio

Tour Location: ArtSpace 4th Floor



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