Artist Profile

Carla Lindsey & Jonesetti Designs

Medium: Oil, various fabrics and materials

Description:  Images of spirituality in nature and Afrocentric Home Decor

Carla Lindsey - My work reflects spirituality and the presence of God in the landscape. The scene primarily focuses in on a single tree. This represents one who seeks the guidance of a higher being. Other factors in the image include the following: sunlight - God's appearance and blessings. Snow and Rain - rebirth; cleansing of sin. Will also have various drawings and oils sketches of the church setting on display. Paulette Jones - My collection of home décor centers in on the theme of Afrocentric designs. Most of the fabrics used are imported, choosing those with "funky" patterns and pizzazz. Together with everyday craft materials such as seashells, tassels, ribbon and floral designs, this unique collection of "mixed media" is a perfect way to jazz up any home or interior space. The collection includes, but is not limited to, vases, picture frames and magnets. My works has been shown in sold throughout Connecticut, Arizona and many areas of Philadelphia, PA.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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