Artist Profile

Elaine Lyman

Medium: Oil Painting

Description:  Paintings inspired by the majesty of the farm animal

Elaine Lyman Majesty of the Farm Animal Highlighting the beauty of the physical world, both expected and unexpected, I regularly draw inspiration from nature. I have a great appreciation for all things as they exist in our world; things in nature and things that were never intended to be art. This collection is inspired by the beauty and majesty of the farm animal. One step away from the domesticated pets we all love, more and more they are becoming recognized as sentient beings with their own rituals and social circles. Long have they been the ones that we rarely know. With grace belying their circumstance, I appreciate these beautiful creatures for their resilience and their service to humankind. Capturing them in oil lends a greater dignity to creatures that tend to be overlooked. The canvas was first heavily textured, providing a rich background and allowing for energetic brush strokes. The background texture may also be interpreted to remind oneself of the flaws and irregularity that occurs in nature. As a whole, the portraits first speak playful and strong. With introspection, they are meant to provoke emotion, thought, nostalgia, gratitude. It is my intent to tease out the viewer’s own personal experiences and sensibilities. Born in Hartford, CT Currently lives and works in Middlefield, CT C: 860-966-6999 Elaine works primarily in oil. Her paintings explore common beauty and whimsy found in expected and unexpected places. 2012-present Visual Fine Arts, MCC Studied under Rick Harden Patricia Carrigan Jane Rainwater Kim Sobel Peter Waite Brett Eberhardt 2017 Alumni Show, Dehn Gallery, Manchester, CT 2017 Solo show, Underground Gallery, Collinsville, CT 2017 Flight, Dehn Gallery, Manchester, CT 2016 In The Loop, Dehn Gallery, Manchester, CT 2016 Open Studio Hartford, Hartford CT 2012-2016 Hans Weiss Gallery, Manchester, CT 2017 1st Place Flight Exhibition, Dehn Gallery, “Plight of the Honey Bee” 2016 1st Place Group Show, Open Studio Hartford, “Horse of a Different Color” 2016 Jerry’s Artarama scholarship for outstanding artistic merit 2015 Hans Weiss scholarship for outstanding achievement in fine arts 2013 Pablo & Lady Frances Award for achievement in the fine arts, “Dan & Joan’s Honeymoon”

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