Artist Profile

Mallorie Ostrowitz

Medium: Photography

Description:  Fine art landscape, nature, cityscape and travel photographer

Artist Statement My work focuses on either the intimate or large landscape; Sometimes I get close in, often within inches of the subject, in order to see the subtleties of the design of the particular earth surface. In other instances, I look for the design elements in a large landscape. For me, the landscape is often a vehicle to create an abstraction by finding the dominant design element in each surface and using that element to create the composition. With urban architecture, once again I am searching for the patterns, textures and colors to create an image. For me, photography is not a literal translation of our world, but rather, a means of interpretation. When I slow down and take the time to look closely at ordinary objects in nature as well as man made forms, I’m in awe at all the inherent design: I’m always on the lookout for the interplay of line and form, form and color, color and texture. I see endless possibilities in the bark of a tree, crevices of rock, flow of water, flow of a building, or reflections in a store window. Bio I got my first camera when I was ten. From then on, I have been chronicling the world around me. Although I have always photographed people, my love of the landscape has given me new focus; I now combine design problems that interested me as a painter and use my camera instead of brushes, and the landscape as my canvas. I was born and grew up in NYC. I was fortunate enough to study art at the City University of New York; I have a BA in Fine Arts from Queens College and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Herbert Lehman College. Because of my interest in the fine arts and the painterly quality of my work, the direction my career has taken is primarily as a gallery artist. I show my work on a regular basis in solo and group shows from New England to as far west as Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. I have also been privileged to have my work hang in the Embassy of Peru in Washington DC and in the Consulate of Peru in Hartford, CT. I have also been teaching photography since 2003 and regularly present slideshows of my travels at the Noon Institute at Manchester Community College and other camera clubs and senior centers. Mallorie Ostrowitz, M.F.A.

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