Artist Profile

Progressive Patterns

Medium: Mixed Media

Description:  Pattern based artwork combining recycled and traditional materials

Brief Statement Pattern design and ornamentation have always been reoccurring themes in my artwork. They are also ingrained in our daily life, through packaging, clothing, and home décor, to the point that we often look at them without much analysis. Through my work I am interested in challenging the traditional view of high and low art by blurring the distinction between art and craft. The focal materials used for my upcoming exhibition “ Reclaimed Rubbish” are what some could consider useless items, saved by individuals then rescued before their disposal. Through beautiful patterns and design’s I hope to pay homage to the ones who collected these mundane items such as playing cards, UPC tags, cigar wrappers, and calendars. The works explore the dynamics of hoarding versus collecting with undertones of my thoughts on the role I play as a female artist, mother, and wife in today’s society.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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