Artist Profile

Robert L.Walker

Medium: Collages, Plates Wine Bottles with design

Description:  Collages with various subject matter from Jazz to images from every day life

Robert L.Walker an native of Hartford a graduate of Weaver High class of 72.Recently relocated from Seattle. Apart from obtaining a formal education out of state. Reaffirm an serious commitment to develop of my progress as an Artist. How do I define Art or does Art define me?.My media at the present is Collages with subject matter varies depending on varies subject matter. With an intention to create works that involves the viewer in a emotional intellectual and Spiritual way. All visual principles and intuition smarts are meaningless without these connections. Throughout my work's I try to integrate a balance between the mechanical and the visual aspect of my Art with it's images and values of what I perceive in society.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 3rd Floor #307


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