Artist Profile

Joy Floyd

Medium: Collage

Description:  Mixed media collage - paper, fabric and other discarded materials

It was my children's creativity years ago along with some art education courses at Southern Connecticut State University that inspired me to become a collage artist. My work is abstract using discarded bits. My current work uses all sorts of scrap papers -- packing papers, empty boxes, ads, sandpaper, cards and other odds and ends. For me, the "sacred search" (Joseph Cornell's phrase) is the beginning. I collect discarded scraps of paper, cloth, wood, metal, feathers, buttons and glass. The unusual history of a found piece when matched with other found materials challenges the artist to offer it anew to the world. Textures, shapes and colors are my focus in working out the puzzle of pieces in each collage. Finding a beautiful fabric or discarded paper, some rusted metal or scarred wood inspires the outcome of a collage more than my preconceived ideas. The excitement is in the discovery of new riches in abandoned objects and honoring them with a new life.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center



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