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Sally Stamos Art & Accessories

Medium: Mixed media - Acrylic, paper, fabric, ephemera

Description:  Compelling canvases and colorful expressions from a vivid imagination

Sally Stamos wvw Colorful Expressions from a Vivid Imagination wvw Born in Connecticut to parents who indulged artful wishes of paints, inks, dyes, plaster and every other means to create, Sally was exposed to nature, people, architecture & the arts, all influencing her work to this day. With a combination of formal training and self-taught methods, she’s seen professional successes with painted furniture & accessories, art quilts, wearable art, jewelry design, as well as cooking and baking. A fertile mind rarely devoid of inspiration, Sally’s philosophy is simply: ‘Start!’. Entertaining each flight of fancy would be overwhelmingly impossible but none at all possible without a beginning. Taming a wild imagination to see visions through to fruition is a real and enjoyable way of life. But, alas, a start is the only way to the underlying hope of ‘Finish’. Embracing tangents often leads to new and compelling pathways and, more often, stunning outcomes. From an article about my Portals and Passageways: This collection was influenced by architecture and travel. Real, surreal and straight up fantastical, this collection allows viewers to travel and discover fanciful and compelling places. Works in acrylic, inks & decoupage using papers, fabrics, glass beads and ephemera brought together to produce fascinating, color-rich, kaleidoscopic canvases.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Group Show Only



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