Artist Profile

Josh Sheldon Art

Medium: Metal sculpture

Description:  Geometric welded sculpture

Josh Sheldon is an artist, yogi, and meditator who creates stunning and physically dynamic works through the synthesis of all three practices. The challenge of transmuting raw steel into balanced and measured form through the application of massive amounts of fire and electricity requires equanimity and all encompassing concentration. His recent series of mandalas explore the geometric truths which exist at the core of the three dimensional structures of reality and tangible life. The process is a meditation in the way of a Buddhist sand painter, with little to no room for error and a high level of precision in both thought and action. The result of this intense process is a work both permanent and ethereal, drawing and creating a beautiful, formal structure which is also open as a mathematical doorway for a contemplation, an entry point into new consciousness and higher levels of consideration of our existence

Tour Location: The DIAL at Fuller Brush, 3580 Main Street



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