Artist Profile


Medium: Textiles

Description:  FASCHINN is a classic brand with an edgy twist. Made-to-order, Custom and RTW.

Chinnyere McPherson, 28, is a fashion designer of the brand FASCHINN. She has had her hands in Fashion since age 9. She studied fashion design through high school to Fisher College, earning her AAS in Fashion Design and Fashion merchandising. Every since she has graduated, McPherson released a collection pretty much every year since. She has shown her work on runways at several colleges in the tristate area, Hartford Fashion week and more. Chinnyere was featured in Hartford Magazine and Better Connecticut. FASCHINN is a classic brand with an edgy twist that designs Made-to-order, Custom and Ready-To-Wear fashion. Chinnyere’s name means God’s Gift and that’s exactly why she named her business FASCHINN. By believing in what I love and sharing my gift, I hope to inspire people to follow their heart. It’s a reminder to stay true to yourself.

Tour Location: The Dirt Salon, 50 Bartholomew Avenue



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