Artist Profile

Ceramics By Ashley

Medium: Clay

Description:  Handmade unique, wheel-thrown, functional and decorative pottery

Ceramic art, for me, is more than just simply creating forms. It is the entire process that I have grown to appreciate and incorporate into my everyday life. There is so much to explore in ceramics and I find myself learning something new every single day. Whether it be a new technique to carve my pieces or a new way to glaze or finish my pieces, I am constantly looking for ways to make my work the best it can be. The ceramic process has taught me that things take time and patience. Sometimes a glaze doesn’t come out the way you expected or maybe a piece doesn’t dry the way you thought it would. These experiences lend themselves to new discoveries in my work that help me grow as a ceramicist. I am very interested in color and finishing techniques when it comes to my work. I like bright and striking color that draws the viewer to my art. I attempt to capture a piece of myself in all my works through color and carving. Most of my work is functional, however, I am still interested in exploring and creating more abstract, sculptural forms. I try to incorporate different techniques into my non-functional work such as raku and pit firing. As an artist I am always growing and adapting new skills that I can absorb into my ceramic art.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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