Artist Profile

Simone Martin

Medium: Pen

Description:  Art for culture, combing appreciation for black people and artists

Year after year I struggled trying to find myself as an artist. Experimenting with different mediums and concepts but nothing pushed me to do more . That is until this year ,my 20th year I had a break through . Took a semester off from school to find myself ,and to realize what little to no support I had with my decision on majoring in art . The little support I had pushed me into trying to prove people wrong . That I will make it as a black artist ,whether locally or worldwide . This work that I have put forth exemplifies that , we need to support all areas of the arts ,and that it shouldn't be under appreciated . Not only this but being black is beautiful. The most hated race in the world ,but yet the most copied. These stippling pieces demonstrate culture and versatility,from dreads ,to head wraps ,to afros ,to protective styling . This is Art for the Culture . -Simone Martin

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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