Artist Profile

Doug Sweeney - Phoenix Arts

Medium: Recycled magazine collage

Description:  I bring to life heroic characters from the forgotten realms of Super Nintendo

Artist: Doug Sweeney I'm a progressive mixed media artist. I incorporate video game pop culture in my work to bring to life the heroes and characters that so many millenials like me grew up playing as in the 90's. I've expanded to create some more work that's more abstract but I've kept the pixel aspect of my work - using low resolution bitmaps and sprites on my computer as the blueprints to the work that I then create using old magazines. In this way all my work besides the boards themselves are made out of recycled materials. This process takes a long time but the end result is always worth it. Most of my pieces looks really amazing from 30 ft away and become more detailed as the view approaches them. All proceeds to my art go towards my persuit to get my 200 hr yoga certification.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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