Artist Profile


Medium: Mixed Media

Description:  America's hidden talent. Come see for yourself and be AMAZED!

I make art because the thoughts and ideas in my head need to escape. Art is something that I have been doing for as long as I can remember. My materials may have progressed over time from construction paper and crayons to canvases and paint, but the need to create has always been there. I would describe my style as evolving. I start with an empty canvas, a few buckets of paint, and a select set of favorite tools. I build the foundation of my work with various shapes and patterns and watch it evolve into something that looks like an explosion of geometric shapes intertwined with a mess of paint splatters. Don’t be fooled by the mess though…it’s a controlled mess. An organized chaos of sorts. That ultimately turns out just how it’s supposed to be. Just like life…

Tour Location: Colt Gateway Weekend #1 / Oak Hill Auditorium Weekend #2



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