Artist Profile

Erika Novak

Medium: Ceramics

Description:  Wheel thrown and hand carved functional and decorative ceramics

I create artwork using raw clay. Going through a long yet rewarding process I create something that will essentially last forever. Each piece is thrown on a potter's wheel then trimmed and carved. I strive to make work that inspires me to keep creating and pushing my own boundaries. Usually, my designs are not completely planned out beforehand, but rather I let the working process inspire the patterns I carve along the way. I am influenced by my travels and special moments. I pull some inspiration from American southwestern patterns and Art Deco design found in 1920s architecture. Most all of my work is heavily carved and decorated with these shape and motifs in mind. I am also attracted to visual and tactile textures; I include these elements in my work to play with the idea of touch and feel. Because I make three-dimensional work I want to encourage someone to pick up a piece and hold it in their hands, I think this act will enviably cause one to have a connection with my work.

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society


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