Artist Profile

Stacy Geryk Paintings & Photography

Medium: Painting & Photography

Description:  Painted landscapes, floral and natural scenes, aerial photography

I became interested in art and photography over thirty years ago. Lately, I have been working with digital images of natural objects. I use photography to capture the beauty of the world around me and to show people the details that are often overlooked. I often use my photographs as inspiration for my paintings and drawings. As a young woman I carried a camera with me everywhere; I started by taking pictures of my family and landscapes as I traveled around the United States and Europe. As an undergraduate student, I turned more toward drawing, painting and printmaking. After completing my undergraduate degree, I went into art education. I rekindled my love for printmaking and painting during my time as a grad student at Elms College, earning my Master's degree in the spring of 2005. In late 2005 I endured a severe illness which left me temporarily paralyzed on my right side. But even though I am right handed, this did not deter me from being creative. While still in the hospital I began to draw with my left hand, and before long I had learned to compensate for my deficit. With much hard work and therapy I regained the use of my right side and today find that this experience has opened a new dimension in my art, as I am now able to use both hands equally in my creativity. In 2016 I suffered a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Once again, I found that life-threatening experiences such as this can change a person's outlook on life and the manner in which one views the world.   Along with photography, I continue to paint, using both watercolors and oils and to draw with oil bars. Most recently, my photography has evolved into aerial landscapes. I love to capture scenes of New England and beyond from a Cessna 172 and show a new perspective of locales that people may travel through every day and take for granted.

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