Artist Profile

Denise Balcanoff

Medium: Alcohol Ink & Mixed Media

Description:  High energy paintings with saturated color and flow using Alcohol ink

I am a Connecticut artist who was born and raised in N.Y.C. Often, my art is inspired by my childhood memories, growing up as a Baby Boomer and playing in the neighborhood parks of the Bronx. It reflects those carefree days, immersed in the pure joy of exploration, adventure, and discovery. This past year I continued my art journey, expanding my use of alcohol inks by combining them with different mediums, or using them in different ways to keep my art fresh and ever changing. While still intrigued with the vibrancy of their colors, I found myself nudged to seek out new ways in which to use them. The results has been a variety of vibrant high energy paintings and collages that are meant to uplift the viewer.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 1st Floor



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