Artist Profile

Elizabeth Krall

Medium: Acrylic, ink, pastel

Description:  The joy of color, pattern to create space, motion and emotion using acrylic, ink, and pastel

Elizabeth Krall is an artist, teacher and Certified Zentangle Instructor. Her work continually explories how line and color inform spatial perception; based loosely on her interpretation of Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics-everything is in motion even when it appears still, the random forms patterns. She has begun incorporating pattern making from the observation of the natural world and contrasting it with more formal line work into in her art. She believes art is magic. By using a two dimensional surface and paint, she creates three dimensional space and motion with the intention of creating subconscious connections and relation to each piece. She is also inspired by the natural world and works in series to create anthropomorphic "portraits" of flora and fauna, using the some of the same techniques in her abstract work.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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