Artist Profile

Gary Jacobs

Medium: Oil Painting

Description:  Large-Scale, Colorful Abstractions

I do abstract, expressionist paintings that look like they are transparent and laying over some kind of grid work or other structural lines that subtly show through. The compositions are broken up into sections dominated by particular colors in general, and which are either partially or completely delineated by heavy, solid, colored lines. Here and there, individual, soft, subtle circles of color create distinct focal points. There is a strict sense of control over all, but the expressionist work overtly plays along with and against this in a way that allows a seemingly unlimited tension and energy. The result is an abstract painting that looks like it is complete, finished and exhaustive, while still being about process, chance, and a more intuitive sense of quality. This is evident in the details of technique, measurement, shading and other conventions evident upon looking. It is abstraction that is about plumbing, unifying and pushing major principles of abstraction, and ultimately creating the ability to look beyond it to how similar dynamics might be able to be applied to subject-matter and realism… as can be seen in my wider body of work.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 3rd Floor #309



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