Artist Profile

Gay Schempp

Medium: Encaustic

Description:  Encaustic, [bee's wax] paintings in a narrative, figurative style

The passion I bring to studio work, teaching, cooking, writing and dancing is the risk called “creating”. I see creativity of process as the main tool in my survival kit. My style is narrative and figurative. I compose visual stories and find sources of imagery in personal mythology, travel experiences, social consciousness and dreams. I use a wide variety of media and choose whatever materials and methods that seem appropriate to my ideas…oil paint, watercolor, drawing media, sculpture or wax. I have been focusing recently on working in encaustic. The medium allows me to work in layers, trapping fragments of hues and suspending them in transparent veils of color. Working with the molten wax on birch panels is engaging a mix of alchemy and Jazz. Colors are worked like chords until the metamorphosis of substance and meaning cools to a finished statement.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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