Artist Profile

Samuel M. Benjamin

Medium: Pen, ink and digital

Description:  Pen, ink and digital illustration and sequential art

My sequential art (another term for comic art) consists of work developed by writers and myself in a group called, “The Comic Jam”. The themes are all random giving the writers and artists the challenge to work on stories they may not usually work on. My style is inspired by American comic art and the line work has been described as very aggressive. I primarily use pens and some brush work traditionally then will letter and bubble digitally in illustrator and touch ups in Photoshop. I have always been inspired by superheroes, cartoons of my childhood, science fiction and punk music. I try to incorporate those influences into my work whenever possible. The illustrations I do are very much similar to the way I work on my sequential art. Though instead of being a collaborative process like the comics this work is all me. With this work I do add color digitally and doing the inks traditionally. I think most artists would agree that there is still something special about working directly on the paper. The illustrations I do are honest and to the point. My intentions aren’t to leave anything to the viewer’s imagination but to simply immerse them in something I created.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway Weekend #1 / Oak Hill Auditorium Weekend #2


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