Artist Profile

Eric Casey

Medium: Photography

Description:  Black and white art photography

I went to Tunxis Community College where I took visual art and photography courses. After I received my Associates Degree I began working at a portrait studio that specializes in school yearbook pictures. I was then accepted at Hartford Art School where I studied fine art photography and art history graduating in 2016. I currently work in my hometown of Newington, Connecticut. I try to work on personal projects in my spare time. Living near Hartford has proved to be beneficial for someone who has a background in art making. Now that I am am free to refine my style outside of the confines of academic expectations, I have noticed my work has taken a specific direction. I am interested in using photography to document contemporary expression by creating visual studies of my friends and family, as well as capturing my local environment of Connecticut. This work is fluid and shifts from traditional portraiture to candid snapshots of everyday life. I feel that my personal style is relaxed and lucid. If I am with my friends in a casual setting, I utilize the camera as a tool to capture the moment as authentically as possible. With the camera between us, my friends and I have a unique communication. They trust me with this tool, just as much as I trust them to help me create an image worth taking. In my formal portraiture, where I am in control of lighting conditions, I take my time with my subjects and guide them to a pose; making sure that the image not only fits my criteria of visual satisfaction, but aligns with their preferences. This agreement creates a bond and can be quite collaborative. I tend not to edit my images past correcting density and exposure. I intentionally reject using any method to remove blemishes or stray hairs in an effort to encourage the viewer to relate to the subjects, as well as promoting body positivity. I believe that my work generates general interest due to the voyeuristic window into my life. I have a deep appreciation for snapshot photography. I want to prove that the value of the photograph does not come from expensive equipment, but rather the thought process. The images I produce are indeed lackluster and may not be the pinnacle of fine art photography, but they are a successful documentation of contemporary expression. In my mind this proves their value and demands the attention of others.

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