Artist Profile

Linda Boisvert DeStefanis

Medium: Oils and pastels

Description:  Contemporary realism, waterscapes, pastel and oil paintings

“I am a very patient painter who never shies away from detail and depth. I would describe my paintings as contemporary realism with landscapes and ‘waterscapes’ as my favorite subjects. Today I use oils for larger paintings and during the past few years I have developed a love for pastel painting, probably due to the graphic quality of pastels and my love for drawing. Oils are still my favorite medium and for the past couple of years I have enjoyed painting on coated aluminum as well as linen. Aluminum is similar to painting on glass, very smooth. It forces me to paint a bit differently and experiment more. ” About the artist: Linda always considered herself a ‘fine artist’ first, even after over 33 years working in the graphic arts industry. From a very young age her parents knew how much she loved her art time and encouraged her to express herself. In junior high she took an oil painting class and by high school she was stretching large canvases to paint on with the help of her carpenter father. While attending Southern Connecticut State University for her BFA , Linda studied and loved painting, printmaking, and photography. Drawing was a large part of the prints she created and after college Linda began to use drawing with air brushed inks so that her results appeared to be colored lithographs. Linda won a number of awards with these. Linda is the current President of the Connecticut Women Artists. She is a member of the New Haven Paint and Clay Club, the Middletown and Glastonbury art guilds as well as an Associate member of the Lyme Art Association and a member of the Women Artists Collective. She has been a member artist at the Maple and Main Fine Art Gallery in Chester, CT for over five years.

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society



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