Artist Profile

Carol and Peter Ganick

Medium: Watercolor, acrylic, ink

Description:  Impressionistic, abstract paintings and drawings

CAROL GANICK A teacher at the West Hartford Art League for more than 2 decades, artist Carol Ganick teaches traditional and non traditional approaches to watercolor painting, with special interest in beginning and intermediate level students. Though clearly having a passion for watercolor, she works in various medium including ink, oils, acrylic, mixed media and collage. See her work and work by her students on and on Instagram. She may be contacted at Her website address is Peter Ganick works in experimental abstract art always pushing the limits of his artistic experience. Working in drawing recently, he uses dry media: pencils, markers, inks usually on paper. He has published poetry and earned his livelihood as a Classical Piano teacher in Boston and in West Hartford for 41 years before retiring from teaching. Summed up, he follows Ezra Pound?s dictum: “Make it new” in the Arts...

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society


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