Artist Profile

Renée S. Hughes

Medium: Printmaking-monotype

Description:  Printmaking-monotype exploring the creative process and element of surprise

Renée S. Hughes 12 Walker Drive, Simsbury CT 06070 860-651-9700 (h) 860-614-4677 (c) Most recently Monotypes have made a resurgence in my artistic practice. Color, the creative process, exploration and the element of surprise have always excited me artistically. As a visual artist I use color, texture and pattern to form the underlying basis of each composition. I allow this relationship to evoke image and shape. Depth is created through the interaction between density and transparency of color. Shapes appear to float on the surface or recede into the background when line, shape texture and pattern are juxtaposed against color. In some pieces, the layering and overprinting of shapes and textures sometimes portrays an individual narrative while others allow the shapes themselves to dictate the direction and theme. However much you have worked with this printmaking process, there is always a certain unpredictability in making Monotypes. I am drawn to this distance and freedom; you never know what the print will look like until you pull the paper from the plate.

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society



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