Artist Profile

Virginia Seeley

Medium: Clay

Description:  Miniature historic buildings created in clay

Structures have always fascinated me. When I was ten I created houses and neighborhoods in my younger sister’s sandbox. My mother was a builder. She built additions to our home starting with a pick and shovel and ending with a roof, electrical wiring, sheetrock and windows. Her “buildathons” taught me about structure and design. In 1979 when I purchased my own home, an 1898 fourteen room Hartford Victorian, I also created my first clay model. I was asked to create clay models of other people’s houses and my commission work began and has continued for 40 years. After may years of being an art teaching in the public school system I choose to try my hand at making a living as a potter / hand-builder. In the 1990s I successfully wholesaled my hand-built teapots and plates nationally and internationally. After 10 years of self-employment I went back to teaching art in a private school and returned to making clay architectural reproductions of historic houses. In 2014 I retired from teaching and have been producing clay structures of Hartford, CT including a chess set featuring downtown Hartford structures. (An etching of that first Victorian house is incorporated into my chess set). I have also created teapots of The Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch, The Colt Building, The Capewell Building, The Science Center canister set, as well as, salt and pepper shakers, bookends, vases, coasters and ornaments. Future plans include New York City chess set and a Chrysler Building teapot as I have close childhood ties to the Chrysler Building, as well as, the City. M.A. Hartford Art School. 1974 B.A. Valparaiso University: studio art, art education and art history, 1969 Wesleyan Potters, 1985-1990; 2005-Present

Tour Location: Union Station



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