Artist Profile

Drew Darley

Medium: Ceramics

Description:  Wheel Thrown Crystalline Ceramics

Form and shape is what I have always been attracted to as an artist. I spend my time pulling and shaping the raw clay into perfect curves and round forms. I put effort into achieving clean lines with smooth surfaces with little visual breaks as I throw. My current body of work focuses of decorative bottles and vases finished with unique crystalline glazes. My work has a delicate and high end quality to it. I formulate and mix each crystalline glaze special for each pot. No two are even remotely alike. Depending on the raw materials and the rations I use in each recipe, the glazes will produce crystal growth during the kiln firing. The crystals grow organically in the glaze covering the pot similar to frost on a window or crystal geodes deep in the earth. Many of the crystals form in a radial pattern with different color rings of growth. Over my time studying theses glazes I have come to understand much about the science and chemistry behind them. I use this knowledge to constantly do tests and experiments with temperature and material as I push my work further.

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society


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