Artist Profile

Tiago Finato

Medium: Oils

Description:  Contemporary Paintings: Portraits and Still-Lifes

Tiago Finato moved to the United States from Brazil in the year 2000 to further his research in the field of painting. Tiago first trained in the 19th century French academic style, then went on to earn a BFA from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. Tiago is currently finishing his MFA from New Mexico State University and is expected to graduate May 2018. In his work, Tiago expresses the tension between the labor of the contemporary art and the labor of the working class. His current body of work narrates a scenario where the subject is caught between these two conflicting ideologies, those of a construction worker and a fine artist. Finato has exhibited his work throughout the United States, Spain, and Brazil.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway Weekend #1 / Windsor Center Art Studios Weekend #2



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