Artist Profile

Francie Fillatti

Medium: Oil Painter

Description:  Colorful Oil Paintings of The spirit of New Mexico. And Tomatoes!

The Spirit of New Mexico is my subject. I try to capture that unseen spirit of New Mexico, the feeling of freedom, the night, the light, the stars, that magic you feel but cannot see. I lived in Santa fe, New Mexico for seven years. I moved there during a difficult time in my life. I had always wanted to go there. I have been a photographer and Artist for most of my life. I am intrinsically connected to the Native American culture and their spiritual beliefs. My paintings started to sell at that time in 2006 in Taos and in Santa-fe, but I still thought I was supposed to be a photographer. I continued to paint, but because I was living through challenging life situations photography would remain my main focus for a while longer. I gave nine more years to photography but suddenly I knew it was time to stop and begin painting full time. Something had to come out. I realize now that my photographic process has taught me so much about painting and it was a necessary tool for me to learn how to see. Through paint I am able to emote a more authentic, vulnerable version of myself and allow myself and my work to be perfectly imperfect. I am presently painting from images I photographed in New Mexico, some of these are from Tio Manzanarez’s (Georgia Okeefe’s assistant of 12 years) little plot of land in the middle of the Abiquiu desert where he lives in a school bus. How I came to meet and know him is another Santa Fe story! As for the Tomatoes, I started painting them a few years ago for my friend's farm and I enjoyed painting them so much, that I just keep painting them! There are a few other reasons though,with my Landscapes I can sometimes get a bit loose and free with my painting so when I see myself getting too loose, I go back to the tomatoes and they rein me in. Although some of my paintings are neat and gentrified, I naturally lean towards strokey, impasto style painting when my emotions take over, and I often try to control it, but I also I think it should not be hidden. I try to listen to my own voice because it is my spirit doing the painting so I have to remember be true to that. Thanks for coming to Open Studio!

Tour Location: The Dirt Salon, 50 Bartholomew Avenue



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