Artist Profile

Susan Patla Brereton

Medium: Oils, graphite, mixed medium and pen and ink

Description:  Oils, graphite, mixed medium, pen and ink in a realistic style and a free-style using palette knives with bold strokes of color

From her earliest memories, Susan Patla Brereton’s passion has been the making of art. Paired with this passion is her love of nature and the beauty that can be seen in all of nature’s creations. She loves people and their many different beautiful faces, from a glowing young child’s face to an elder’s face lined with all their life’s experiences. In her making of art, she tries to study and capture that beauty. Brereton is happiest when she is creating. She loves how the white canvas can be transformed into the vision she imagines. She strives to continuously challenge her artistic soul and take risks, even when the risk may end in failure. Without taking risks, she believe one’s work doesn’t grow or get to the next level. Inspiration comes to Brereton from many different avenues. Her inspiration can come from a laughing child, a single bloom in the garden, a chirping bird or a moonlight snowy lawn. It can come from a discussion with a fellow artist or visiting a gallery or museum. “If I listen with my heart and open my eyes to really see, I can find inspiration everywhere,” says Brereton. Brereton knows she’s truly creating when she transcends from in front of the easel to the special world of creating. It’s where hours seem like minutes and she’s focused on the present moment. “This is when my work takes on the qualities of life, vitality and beauty. I do my utmost to obtain these qualities in all my work. To me, this is very simply my world.” In Brereton’s Simsbury studio, where she creates most of her art, she also teaches group and private classes. She has exhibited in Chelsea in New York City, Maine, California, and Connecticut, and her paintings have been featured in numerous juried art shows. She teaches illustration at Manchester Community College in Manchester, CT, and has a graphic design and illustration business working with Fortune 500 clients and individuals. She graduated with a B.A. in fine art from Anna Maria College, a M.A. in illustration from Syracuse University and a M.F.A. in illustration from Hartford Art School, University of Hartford.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 3rd Floor



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