Artist Profile

Catherine Fisk Natale

Medium: Oil on canvas or oil on panel

Description:  Paintings of the inner landscapes of the external world, both “near" and “far"

My art seeks to capture something beyond the mesmerizing colors and textures of sea, sky and shoreline, and the observed world. Instead, I seek to express the inner landscapes of my mind and soul as they express themselves in the forms of nature, both in the “near” and “far.” Over the years, I have been drawn to remote places such as Newfoundland, Patagonia, and the Noatak River area of Alaska--all of which attracted me with their rock- and boulder-strewn shorelines, an endless sky and remoteness from the rest of the world. The Jurassic coasts of Dorset and Yorkshire have provided me with inspiration with their dramatic, fossil-strewn cliffs. Another source for my artwork has been annual visits to Martha's Vineyard where surfcasting has meant much more than just catching a striper or blue for dinner, but finding those elusive connections between Sea and sky, man and fish, the here and now and the world beyond. Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) pretty much summed up my goal as an artist: "I don't want petty self-expression. I want the elemental, infinite thing; I want to paint the rhythm of eternity." I am largely a self-trained artist. My mentors and teachers have included Daisy Cabrini—my accomplished Italian artist cousin, Judy McElhone—an accomplished artist and now executive director of Five Points Gallery in Torrington, Connecticut--and Edward Spaulding Devoe—an well-known artist with vast knowledge of the techniques of the Great Masters. I also benefit from a community of talented artists at the Washington (CT) Art Association, who share their insights and artistic journeys with me. My paintings are in private collections in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom. Solo exhibitions: 2018: Connecticut Landmarks: Amos Bull House and Butler-McCook House, 59 S Prospect St Hartford 06016—November and December, 2018 (including Open Studio Hartford, November 3 and 4) 2017: Infinity Hall Gallery—Norfolk, CT (February – April 2017) 2015-16: Burnham Library, Bridgewater Connecticut (December, 2015 and January, 2016) Group exhibitions (a sample) 2013-2018: Washington (CT) Art Association exhibits for member artists 2016: New Britain Museum of American Art 46th Annual Nor’easter Juried Members Exhibition “The Thing of It is” Juried National Exhibition (curator, Eric Aho), Washington Art Association and Gallery (July-August, 2016) 2015: New Britain Museum of American Art 45th Annual Juried Members Exhibition “The Art of Painting” Juried National Exhibition (curator William Bailey), Washington Art Association 2014: New Hartford Art League Annual Juried Show 2013: Bunham Library, Bridgewater, CT Bantam Cinema, Bantam, CT 2012: Founders Hall Gallery Northwest Connecticut Community College

Tour Location: Amos Bull House and Butler-McCook House, 59 South Prospect Street



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