Artist Profile

Laerta Premto

Medium: Watercolor, oil, acrylic

Description:  Paintings that ignite your desire to travel and see the world

Hello! My name is Laerta Premto and I am an illustrator and graphic designer. My artwork incorporates bright colors especially a nice range of the color blue in a blend of watercolor and oil paintings. My inspiration comes from the little things and mostly traveling. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always drawing and designing. My newfound passion to travel around the world and find inspirational style is what started trav-elle. I share my travel experiences and artwork from my adventures. My desire to inspire others is my mission. Art awakens feelings of hope, understanding and nostalgia. Though you may not travel as much as I do, through my eyes and artwork, you can travel for a moment of time. You can find my artwork at

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


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