Artist Profile


Medium: Clay, fabric, yarn

Description:  Pottery with fabric decorations that have been soaked in slip, hand sewn work

I was raised in a small town and spent most of my weekends drawing. When I was leaving high school I always knew I wanted to teach but it was my art teacher that pushed me to pursue something I loved, but did not consider a career. Each journey through college i found myself drawn to clay as a medium, or as i like to word it.. the clay kept calling me home. My work is a marriage between the clay and fabric or in some cases yarn. There is a beautiful simplicity to the yarn and fabric actually being attached to the clay that you cannot get otherwise. I was raised with 2 grandmothers who sewed so naturally i wanted to learn, as well as learn to crochet. These timeless arts are slowly being lost and for me introducing them into my work was almost a way of honoring my family as well as pushing the boundries of what typically is done with both mediums.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway Weekend #1 / Oak Hill Auditorium Weekend #2


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