Artist Profile

Candace Nystrom

Medium: Alcohol inks and mixed media

Description:  Alcohol ink paintings on Yupo, canvas and cradleboard and inks on tile

Hey, I’m Candace Fac ergo sum ego artem (I make art therefore I am) I’m sure I was always an artist but I didn’t always make art. I needed to get some living done until enough of me was scraped away to reveal the art in me. Many, many years of painful wondering why I lived and my twin didn’t. Years lost in the haze of substance abuse looking for answers but losing my humanity. Now the shiny copper glints through the old penny that has been tossed and banged and ignored. Now the artist in me has finally been reached and summoned and the meaning of my inner feelings has a venue, a prominence and I am compelled to have you experience it. My art gushes from me as the opening and blooming of a new life…a second chance. Mind, body and spirit once laden with coats of unsightly tarnish have cleared and purified through my creations of art which must show strong vibrant colors and embrace life or living things and evidence the grace of motion and form which accompany the thrill of existence. My newfound higher power is expressed through this medium of bright, vibrant and wonderful colors using alcohol inks, blending solution, rubbing alcohol and canned air. I’m humbly trying to make up for the time I frittered by bringing joy to you and others through the vision and feel and history of creations from my wounded past; redeemed.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 1st Floor



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