Artist Profile

Rita Bond

Medium: Oil, Acrylic

Description:  Colorful coastal & inland scenes and abstracts inspired by New England

RITA W. BOND ARTIST’S STATEMENT My work as a painter is an out-growth of my observations and studies of color, space, and the natural rhythms of the world. I am not interested in merely copying the landscape, but rather, emphasizing the salient features, especially color, as it is filtered through my own perceptions. I am always conscious of the interplay of light and atmosphere, of the time of day, of the passing of the seasons. As I’ve visited New England and other countries, I am drawn to the notion of travel as a metaphor for life passing. As such, I have been interested in evoking the transitory qualities of images and atmospheric effects, sometimes viewed in motion, and have tried to portray that as well. I love using vibrant color and contrasting warm and cools, such as yellow- the color of the sun, and purple- mysterious and shadowy. I have also been inspired by those artists who employ looser brushwork look for abstract forms, despite depicting ‘realistic’ subjects. Brancusi stated that “"What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things ... it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface." While studying landscape design at the New York Botanical Garden, I learned that no two people interpret nor design the same space in the same way; and so it is with us, for the artist’s work is a creative interplay of imagination and individual insight.

Tour Location: Arbor Arts Center 1st Floor Weekend #1 / Connecticut Historical Society Weekend #2


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