Artist Profile

Michael Toti

Medium: Mixed media collage

Description:  Paper and mixed media collage, mostly figurative work.

One of the things I like about collage is the process of combining images and developing a new interpretation of the original form. For me, the process is about searching, looking at image after image and trying to find the connections between one image and the other. Sometimes there is an epiphany but most times it simply involves time and work to find the right parts to fulfill the vision in my head and sometimes the images I find will alter the direction. I am also drawn to textural elements, bits of paper that have been run over by cars, they are worn and distressed and it changes their character. Tickets with numbers or letters, postage stamps, and bits of typography appeal to the graphic side of me. But they function more as symbols or shapes rather than message. Recently I have started adding more color to the backgrounds hoping to add more contrasts and texture to the image. I am also exploring a less refined approach to the drawing trying to feed off of the movements that the backgrounds create. My only guideline has been to keep exploring and creating to see what new combinations I can find. I hope you find something to think about in all of my work. Michael Toti

Tour Location: Union Station


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