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DéLoné Gallery present Times Space Continuum

Medium: Oil, acrylic, Patel, watercolor, metallic

Description:  Mixed media with a flare for Mysticism, Revelations and Visions

Was told at an early age that I was a talentless no skills having stubborn as a mule type of child....I would prefer stubborn like an jackass just for the simple facts that no one knew nor never to asked me what's going on inside my mind when I'm somber looking....I'm far away, away from this hard knock life of mine as a young child I've learned to coped with things that are not in my favor real quick before I'm dealt with a good ole S.O.B of a licking.....As the hours turns to days marched into weeks sprung into those treacherous months and robbing me of my happy years farcely seems endless begging for my dear old mom but none ever heard my crying. .....I've learned from my pain and embraced my imagination at an early age and bore this natural talent from the one thoughts me of my median ......I improvised my own happiness by being deligaence child creating my own little happiness I could fathoms at time were well worth it for it makes me the poet that I am today......I was told to never voice my pain and suffering even when I'm feeling anguished and can't find the language to spoke out my outrages by the enraged by a ravaged childhood days feelings are to my own experiences so if you haven't walked in my shoes don't complaints about how the size and style doesn't fit you and your own conceptions to how my early childhood days were spent in turmoils , how someday waken up to drink oil for breakfast for the only vitamin D I used to get were from the Sun's shine most days if not I drained into a malaise......I'm beginning to feeling the phases of a life a Cinderella's stepped child. art was my escape goat for without it I would of shriveled from my environment withdrawals from all if it was for the light that gleamed so with my soul was my mental to be who I am no matter what happens in life it will always be there to delivers me from the mundane of existence and live, live out lout or within my soul for Art has saved my soul give me back my spirit to soar away from it all. A Poetess' Art! Painting represent a channel to my past and present life living. Art is life for me I used it as a tools of way to draw my own outlet.

Tour Location: ArtSpace 1st Floor


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