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Sarah Merkel Preissler

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Description:  Acrylic on canvas, figures in a landscape - Boob Tube / The Skippers

I was thinking about the idea of adults skipping... adults should be skipping! The back ground of this painting I did a few months before I added the two youthful skippers enjoying Earth, our playground. This painting describes how I feel knowing my husband. Joyful and fearless. Enjoy this quote :: “Skipping isn't for everyone. Getting out of our comfort zones for a momentary skipping escape takes guts. It is much more difficult than many realize. Our ego likes to feel in control and is afraid of what others will think.... When we can learn to simply observe our ego's fear and then choose to skip on despite it, we develop the spiritual strength necessary for inner peace.” -Kim Corbin. Founder of

Tour Location: ArtSpace Group Show Only


Website: Instagram: smp_artist

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