Artist Profile

Frances R. Drew

Medium: Oils & mixed media

Description:  Vibrantly colored paintings and shaped, constructed pieces

Artist Statement: The world cries out for color I hear those cries and rush in to fill the need If you leave something in front of me long enough, I will paint it If there is nothing to paint, I will create something Dancing in and out of the physical space with the piece I am building, I hear and create the inner rhythm for my eye music And make harmony from chaos I am called to cover the earth in color As a child I was distressed by the lack of variety of bright colors everywhere. In my mind it should be a cartoon color world like Dick Tracy's. Roads should be red, blue and green, not just black and gray. Grass should be orange and maroon, not just a variation of green. Why couldn't my father wear a bright yellow trench coat? I saw the shapes, patterns and lines in everything I looked at. I wanted to refine those shapes. And I wanted them to have color. My color. And I liked making things from other things. Combining things. The physical act of working with all kinds of materials to make what did not exist before. Those early musings and desires set the course for my art making. I create what I want to see because it does not yet exist, or it does not exist the way I want to see it. I imagine it, and need to create it so I can see it.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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