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Sarah Rose Aromajewelry

Medium: Jewelry

Description:  Essential Oil Aromatherapy Jewelry

Each aromatherapy essential oil necklace is handmade from mini glass corked bottles, wire wrapped and beaded in unique designs. The cork stopper diffuses the oil, giving you moments of therapeutic aroma throughout the day. All essential oils are 100% pure and undiluted, filled at purchase. Oil options range from single oils to therapeutic blends. Essential Oils: Lavender (clear) Sage (clear) Frankincense (clear) Pine needle (clear) Rosemary (clear) Eucalyptus (clear) Sandalwood (very light yellow) Grapefruit (light yellow) Eucalyptus Lemon (clear to yellow) Lemongrass (light yellow) Sweet orange (yellow) Jasmine (light amber) Rose Geranium (light amber) Rose (amber) Ylang Ylang (amber) Essential Love (blend - amber) Patchouli (dark amber) Chamomile (blue)

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