Artist Profile

Joy Of Life Art Creation

Medium: Mix medium

Description:  Body painting, fine art, jewelry and production

Evangeline Joy Monroe were born 1969. As the age of four years old when I first started my first drawing was drawing a tiger from that day on I been drawing since. I am self taught . I am a breast cancer survivor of 14 years. My most favorite art to do is body paint because it’s express the movement of art through your body it help create a story throw the movement of art. Joy Of Life is something we go through in life . Iris what we see what we hear what we feel and what we feel through sound and things we been through either it happy or sad. I have been in the international body paint competition 4 time . I came in 7 place of top 10 in body paint competition . I have done my production shows Freedom , unframed through body paint with dance ,singing ,poetry,

Tour Location: Colt Gateway


Website: Facebook/soulforart

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