Artist Profile

Apollo Maldonado

Medium: Oil, acrylic, digital

Description:  Traditional paintings mimic digital media

I was first exposed to art at the age of about 7. I used to watch my father create his own frames, stretch and staple the canvas, and prime them before creating the most beautiful paintings. He has been my major influence in art. He taught me how to used my imagination to create and build anything I wanted. He not only exposed me to art but to the world of puppetry, model building, sculpting, electronics, robotics, and so much more. with all of the skills he taught me, he always encouraged me to do it better than him and to always incorporate the latest technology and techniques to enhance my work. Through the years I worked hard on my craft. Yes there were times where I quit because people told me being an artist was not practical or realistic, but deep down inside I needed to create. I made a choice in 2016 to take my art seriously. I launched All Sketched Out to provide services such as graphic designing, logo creation, video production, and more. As well as creating and selling my paintings.I also started a YouTube channel. My goal is to help inspire young aspiring artists the same way my father inspired me.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway AvD



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