Artist Profile

Creative Fusion Glass

Medium: Glass

Description:  Fused Glass pieces designed, kiln fired and coldworked alternately

Becky Cook creates jewelry, sculptural and functional works in kiln-formed glass. Inspired by fellow artists, nature and everyday life, her intention is to create unique works of art that bring joy and beauty to the world. Emotionally evocative color combinations, layered glass effects and reactions between colors contribute to the radiant energy of each piece. The artist enjoys the combination of art and science that kiln-formed glass requires; layering a rainbow of glass colors and manipulating them with heat and various cold working techniques. For Cook, fused glass mirrors life. In glass, various colors and shapes, with unique qualities, that can be fused into one beautiful work of art. In life, each person combines and layers the varied and individual pieces of their own life experience to create a unique and beautiful human experience. My fused glass pieces are designed using a variety and/or a combination of art glass components including hand-cut sheet glass, frits and powder, glass paint, dichroic glass, and other embellishments. Pieces are designed and then kiln-fired and cold-worked alternately until completed. Most pieces are hand worked and fired multiple times to achieve the final result.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway Weekend #1 / Oak Hill Auditorium Weekend #2


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