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Reflection of God’s Love - photos by Lorraine

Medium: Photography

Description:  Photograph nature as God created it (no enhancements) = expect to see miracles!

I love to photograph pure nature - I believe it helps us to see the beauty that God created all around us because of the love He has for us. Many of my pictures reflect the beauty of the local area, which should be appreciated where ever we live. My photos also include other venues as well, and nothing is digitally enhanced. Some photos have surprised me, because they didn’t appear the way I expected them to look when I pushed the button. For many people, photos of a miracle of the sun appear to be moving on paper as it did in the sky. I have over 500 different photos to look at - something of every season for every age to enjoy. All prints are available in color and there are many to choose from in black & white as well. Photos can be purchased as cards, enlarged mats, and in frames - special orders are also an option. The cards come in two sizes with envelopes and are blank inside so they can be used for any occassion. Many photos have won prizes in local photo contests. Many Non-Profit organizations can purchase cards at special prices for fundraising, but the organization must be registered with the State of CT as a Non-Profit and submit necessary paperwork to Reflection of God’s Love in order to receive a discount.

Tour Location: Oak Hill Auditorium, 120 Holcomb Street


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