Artist Profile

Julie Chen

Medium: Interdisciplinary

Description:  Journey to Solace: Mortality depicted in photos

Julie Chen is an interdisciplinary artist working in various media. Most of her work involves underlying narratives to evoke inquiry and emotion. This series on display is a depiction of the transitional stage before death, when the eyes are closed, but the heart still beats, and the lungs still take breath. In December of 2017, her mother began her decline into pancreatic cancer. At her mother's bedside, she observed the stages her mother entered towards the end of her life; that last journey to solace, free of pain and suffering. Peggy Chen ended this journey in May of 2018. Special thanks to dancers from The Hartt School at University of Hartford for performing in some of the imagery: Ruby Cabbell and Samantha Watson.

Tour Location: Colt Gateway



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