Artist Profile

Silver Thumb Studio

Medium: Jewelry and Polymer vessels

Description:  Vintage jewelry glass, stones, brass, bronze & copper. Polymer vessels & boxes.

Helen Has developed a love for old glass and vintage findings from 1910 -1980. She uses these to create a line of everyday wear that is distinctive to itself. Helen uses brass, bronze copper, glass and stones as a source of ornamentation unlike costume jewelry. When women see her work they know they know where it came from! Helen’s work in Polymer has been juried Best in Show and 1st’s on the National and International level. She is a publish Polymer Artist whose work is represented in many publications and interviews s about her media and techniques. Helen feels that her veneers and textures are a reflection of her experiences and believes that each opportunity leads to another experience that in turn creates another opportunity for learning. She is drawn to simple complexities found in nature which are often reflected in her work. The veneers and patterns created mirror her favorite wood, stones, surface and textures.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford 2nd floor #205



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