Artist Profile

Liena Dieck Wearable Art

Medium: Fiber Art

Description:  One-of-a-kind hand-dyed garments and scarves made out of natural fibers

Artists’s Statement Though I graduated from an art college with an award of excellence, I am essentially a self-taught silk painter and have been working almost exclusively in this medium for over 13 years. My signature method of direct silk painting allows me to create work in a variety of genre – from fine art floral paintings to portraits - which has been featured in several US and foreign magazines and publications and can be found in private collections in many countries. Making one-of-a-kind clothes is another passion of mine. I firmly believe that what we wear reflects who we are, and, as a Master Silk Painter, I take creating wearable art as seriously, as fine art paintings on silk. I very seldom use just one method when working on my paintings, garments or accessories, and this process of layering various techniques and colours makes all my creations truly one of a kind.

Tour Location: ArtSpace Hartford 2nd floor #205



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