Artist Profile

Genti Bushi

Medium: Oil, acrylic, mixmedia

Description:  Geometric abstract by form that create emotions

Recollection The works presented in this collection are part of an intimate journey to revisit and rediscover themes and landscapes I have encountered at various times through my experiences with painting. This is an attempt to resurrect and preserve those images as a basis for a unique character creation. By emphasizing nature as a medium to communicate ideas such as, simple love may provide stability against the tides of time; I have attempted to discern my style in hopes of becoming more memorable, communicable and enjoyable. My vision is to employ the powers of visual arts that enable us to realize and appreciate the vastness of nature’s all-encompassing inspirational force. Expressed liberally through the techniques of oil and acrylic, my images explore the rhythm and pace of colors, the patience and equilibrium of the composition. I hope you enjoy this Recollection of my journey. Brief Biography: Genti Bushi was born on February 24, 1969 in the Albanian capital, Tirana. Genti became interested in painting at the young age of nine. In 1984 he continued the rigorous program at the High School for Painting. In 1992 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, Albania with a Bachelor’s in Graphics. In September of 2001, he arrived in America and dedicated his time to his craft, working in his studio and teaching his children about the importance and beauty of art.

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