Artist Profile

Tricia Drezek - Color & Clay

Medium: Watercolor and oil paint, stoneware clay

Description:  Functional pottery, watercolor and oil paintings of various subjects

When people look at my work, I want to take them to that moment in time of when the piece was created. I do not want to hide every stroke of the brush or every throwing line from a piece of pottery. By having myself invested into the art, the viewer can trust me and allow themselves to also become a part of the work, and striving for that is always an important part of my decision making process. The old masters of painting really used color and lines to their advantage, and with the technology and knowledge that I have today, I want to incorporate that into my modern works as well. By keeping it loose and painterly, the work comes from what I see, so I am not just a printer or camera capturing what actually is. Colors play off of one another, and the whole world is intermixed with it, and that is what I try to show with my watercolor paintings. With oil, there is such a richness to the medium that just glistens off of the canvas surface. and texture becomes important to build up and allows the viewer to become lost in the work. For my ceramic pieces, I enjoy functional vessels that can be used for modern day necessities, such as holding flowers or eating, but it can still be a center piece since it is decorated. I like to use slip trailing on some pieces to create a lifted design, or use carving to create an interesting texture. I especially enoy carving out chunks to let the glaze run, flow, and "break"over the raise parts to have the eye carry around the piece. The relationship of art and creativity is what really influences my work, and seeing people interact with art and to have them become inspired in their own life is what I hope to achieve.

Tour Location: Connecticut Historical Society


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